Introduction of the Shibuya Ikueikai Foundation.

Our “Building a Strong Youth Community courses”, addresses issues and provides support and consultation to out-of-school students. We donate services which include the dispatching of instructors, conduction of interviews, child care, special education, and lectures.

In order to stimulate the senses and foster a rich appreciation of the fine arts, annually, we host “Shibuya Ikueikai NHK Symphony Orchestra Concert for the future growth of our children.” On this occasion, we invite approximately 1,200 elementary and junior high school students from the local Fukuyama City area, as well as a portion of the general public.

We provide scholarship lending services for students from Hiroshima Prefecture or who live in Hiroshima Prefecture and who demonstrate a high expectation to enter high schools, technical colleges, universities and junior colleges or graduate schools.

We support and subsidize educational institutions in Hiroshima and local organizations that promote culture and groups that engage in healthy upbringing activities for young people.

Introduction of other activities of Shibuya Ikueikai Educational Foundation.