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Scholarship loan business

We offer scholarships to students from Hiroshima or who live in Hiroshima and are considered to have excellent academic and personal skills, in good health and are in need of financial assistance.

The application guidelines are as follow:
For details on the application procedure, students should contact the junior high school or high school where they are enrolled.

1. Scholarship purpose:

This scholarship is provided to students who are from Hiroshima Prefecture or who live in Hiroshima, who demonstrate excellence in both academic and personal abilities, are in good health and in need of financial assistance. Our purpose is to assist in the development of human resources.

2. Scholarship qualifications

  1.  (1) A student in good health, demonstrating excellent qualities and academic performance.
     (2) Having a need for financial assistance.
     (3) A student who graduates in March of the following year and is currently enrolled in high school, college of technology, junior college, university or graduate school in April.
    (Including Scheduled students)
     (4) A recommendation by the current President, Dean and School Principal.
     (5) A student who has not received a scholarship from other educational scholarship organization.

3. Recruitment of scholars

The recruitment number of scholars for next year will be as follows:
  1.  (1) High school or technical college      10 persons
     (1) University or graduate school (including junior college)      10 persons

4. Scholarship amount and lending method

  1. (1) Monthly lending
    1. ①High school or technical college¥20,000
    2. ②University or graduate school (including junior college)¥50,000
  2. (2) Lending period: Until official occupational recruitment is secured.
  3. (3) Payment method
  4.       Loans will be transferred to the bank account on the 5th of every month.
          However, if the 5th is a bank holiday, it will be remitted the after the holiday.
          The first scholarship payment will be remitted on June 5th for the months of April, May and June.

5. Scholarship loan reimbursement

The scholarship will be repaid within 15 years after six months have elapsed from the month following the loan end payment, with no interest.

6. Suspension, suspension or abolition of scholarships

Scholarship lending may be suspended, suspended or abolished in the following cases:
  1. (1) When a scholar skips a term from school or has been absent for an extended period of time.
    (2) When a decision is made by a guidance counselor, depending on the study situation or student behavior.
    (3) When the scholarship student is unable to continue studies due to injury or illness.
    (4) When the scholarship student exhibits low academic performance or poor personal behavior.
    (5) When the scholarship student is dismissed from the school and loses student status.
    (6) Other, When qualifications as a scholarship student are lost or our foundation finds reason that the student is not suitable to receive a scholarship.

7. Student recommendation

  1. (1) Our foundation requests the recommendation of students from the principals of junior and senior high schools in Hiroshima Prefecture annually.
    (2) The recruitment of scholars is determined by respecting recommendations.

8. Application procedure

Those who are going to receive a scholarship loan should prepare the following documents and apply immediately after going to school.
  1. (1) Documents to be submitted (a) Scholarship student application form        (b) Scholarship student recommendation letter
    (c) Academic Transcript (Average grade of all courses must be 4 or higher on a 5-point scale)
    (d) Graduation certificate or expected certificate
          * Substitution in the survey is not allowed
    (e) Documents certified by a physician that they are healthy and do not interfere with academic work
          The following documents are also possible (diagnosed by a school doctor)
            (Example) Student health check sheet
          * Substitution in the survey is not allowed
    (f) Resident's card entry certificate for the whole family (issued by the mayor of municipal office for address confirmation)
    (g) Income certificate (of all cohabitants) ... (issued by the mayor of city / ward)
          (We will consider the guarantor's annual income of 4 million yen or less as
           an element of the selection criteria.)
    (h) The principal's seal in (a) and (b) must be stamped with a job seal.
  2. (2) Submission period
    From November 11, 2019 , To December 25, 2019 (Arrival)
  3. (3) Submission address
    Please submit to the secretariat via the school where you are.

9. Selection method

  • ・ Document selection
  • ・ Interview selection (we will notify you of the selected documents at a later date.)

10. Scholarship decision and notification

The decision of the scholarship student will be notified to the scholar in writing through the nominator and by notice.

11. Scholarship Obligations

  1. (1) The scholarship student must submit the academic report at the end of each academic year to the Association.
  2. (2) If the address of the scholarship student or guarantor or any other important matter is changed, it must be immediately reported to the Society.
  3. (3) The loaned scholarship must be returned in a prescribed manner after graduation.

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