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Aid and subsidy business

We support and subsidize educational institutions and local organizations that promote culture and organizations that engage in healthy upbringing of young people.

The application guidelines are as follows.

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1. Purpose of the subsidy project

Our subsidy program contributes to the promotion of education and culture and the healthy development of local communities by providing assistance and subsidies to educational institutions, local organizations that promote culture, and organizations that promote the healthy development of young people. It is intended to be.

2. Application qualification

Application qualification shall perform the next business in group in Hiroshima. (However, it is limited to educational institutions and organizations that have no for-profit purpose.)

(1) Projects conducted by educational institutions such as schools that promote education
(2) Businesses that contribute to the promotion of culture and the sound development of local communities
(3) A business that conducts youth development activities
(4) Business which solves problems such as child care, bullying, school refusal and supports child student of school refusal
(5)Other businesses required to achieve the purpose of the Association

In addition, as this project is conducted as a public service, we will provide assistance and subsidies to businesses that contribute to the improvement of the interests of unspecified and large numbers of people. It does not cover utilities that aim to benefit certain industries or lovers' organizations.

3. Grant amount

Total up to 106 million yen.

4. Application method

Application deadline: June 30 (Tue), 2020 (in the case of mail, postmark is effective on the day)
Documents to be submitted Attachment grant application
* If there is not enough space, you can use multiple pages. In addition, please attach any attached materials.

5. Grant decision

The selection committee based on the rules of the association will make a strict examination and decide.
End of Auguest, 2020(Scheduled)
A letter of decision will be sent to the determined organization.
The notice will be announced on our website.
End of Auguest, 2020(Scheduled)
(Note) Since remittance will be made to an account in the name of the applying organization, it may not be possible to remit to an account in the name of an individual.

6. Report after grant

The organization for which the grant has been decided must submit a business report and an accounting report for the grant by the end of May, 2021.

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