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Registered Name The Shibuya Ikueikai Foundation
Representative Chief Director Shigehiro Komaru
Date of Establishment June 14 ,1985
Address 4-20-1, Higashifukatsu-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture 721-0974 (4F, Head Office of Fukuyama Transporting Co., Ltd.)
TEL : +81-84-925-2030
Fax : +81-84-925-1370
Objective To contribute to the promotion of education and culture for the healthy
development of local communities by providing support for the development of individuals who will have a positive impact on society.
Projects & Services 1. Student scholarship loans
2. Assistance and subsidies to educational institutions, local organizations that conduct cultural promotion initiatives, and organizations that conduct activities contributing to the healthy upbringing of youth
3. Support for school absenteeism among children and students
4. Projects for promotion of education and culture and development of local communities
5. Support in the event of a disaster
6. Other projects and services necessary to achieve the objectives of the Foundation
(These projects are conducted in Hiroshima Prefecture.)
Administrative Officers (including Administrative Director) 11 persons
Auditor-Secretaries 2 persons
Councilors 4 persons
Selection Committee Members 4 persons
Secretariat 1 person